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School Meals

Students may take school meals (or smaller snacks) either at break-time or lunchtime.  A discount is offered for a complete meal (known as a meal deal), which costs £2.05.  A meal deal comprising of :-

  • A main course with a drink; or
  • A main course with a desert.

A main course option consist of the following:-

  • Hot meal of the day
  • Light bite (e.g,. toastie, pizza slice, jacket potato etc)
  • Pasta pot with chicken/tomato
  • Wrap/baguette/sandwich/salad

Taken individually, the prices for main courses range from £1.30 upwards.  

Parents can quickly and easily check eligibility for free school meals by using the following link


Food Menu

Food Menu - Summer Term 2019

Breakfast Club

There is a breakfast club from 7.30am to 8am in the West Cafe.

Students can get breakfast before the school day starts.  

Breakfast items include egg, beans, toast etc. and is subsidised – for example, 60p for egg or beans on toast.  Free School Meal students get a free breakfast in addition to their meal deal.

 Payment Methods

The school operates a cashless catering system. Students may pay for their food by swiping their photo ID card (given to all students by the school).  The benefits of using a cashless system for parents are:

  • If your child is entitled to a free school meal, the system will recognise this automatically.
  • Your child does not need to carry cash.
  •  You can rest assured that the money will be spent on a school dinner.

If you want to add credit to your child’s cashless account – remember that you don’t need to do so if your child is on Free School Meals, although you can add credit if you wish by:-

  • Using your ParentPay account to add funds by debit/credit card over the internet – you will need your ParentPay log-in details to do this.  
  • Using a PayPoint outlet (e.g. shops, post offices) to top up over the  counter – you will need your unique bar code to do this.
  • Sending a cheque to the school (payable to Brampton Manor Academy.
  • Using the school’s cash loaders – your child can access our cash loaders at various location points in the school.